Vogue Italia, Life in Vogue

Studiopepe taking part in the 2021 digital edition of Life in Vogue with Vogue Italia. We were invited – among 5 other leading figures (Vincent Darré, Luke Edward Hall, Anna Karlin, Marion Mailaender, Nendo) – to virtually interpret the editorial offices of Vogue Italia for the project Love letters to Milan.

The meeting room is the place for dialogue, often between opposites, and always transformative and generative of connections. It is the starting point of any creative process. The planets symbolise a connection with nature that goes beyond the visible, involving archetypes and the world of the unconscious, which is here represented by the sea. The video direction is curated by Variante Artistica and sounds by Stefano Ghittoni, Bruno Dorella, Nicola Manzan.

An ideal meeting room that we symbolically called No man is an Island, inspired by a composition by the Poet John Donne.

Duality is part of who we are, and our identity as individuals is a balance of relationships and oppositions.

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