Campo Base, Omphalos 2023

Campo Base, a collective Manifesto of Italian interior design signed by six Italian architectural firms and coordinated by Federica Sala, aims to explore the concept of domestic intimacy.

Campo Base is akin to a sort of makeshift settlement. As visitors traverse the thresholds concealed behind the folds of the shared, collective landscape – gateways that demarcate the boundary between their existence in the external world and their domestic selves – they gain access to individual universes.

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In Campobase, Studiopepe created a space known as Omphalos, drawing inspiration from the Greek mythological concept of the “navel” or the “center of the world.” This room is conceived as the utmost private and intimate sanctuary, serving as the theatre where our emotions and rituals take center stage. Each piece in the project is custom-designed by the Studio, with some being presented here in an unreleased, limited-edition version.

The structure as a whole embodies a design characterized by fluidity and impermanence. It includes two smaller circular sculptures, reminiscent of the architectural aspects found in Japanese “Tokonoma” – spaces for meditation and contemplation.

The role of craftmanship is equally emphasized. All the objects on display are handcrafted, utilizing solid hand-carved wood, limestone, travertine, and onyx, as well as brushed metal, knotted virgin wool, and woven rattan. Two symbolic objects complete this stratified project, replete with allusions and emblematic of the Studio’s distinctive style.

Project Details
Omphalos 2023
Campo Base
Andrea Ferrari, Silvia Sirpresi, Francesco Stelitano
Variante Artistica
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