Connected by Design, Pink Moon

In the context of Connected by Design, Studiopepe, along with nine international designers, was invited by the London Design Museum with Ahec Europe, to create a table and seating in hardwood that would accommodate the new ways of working from, and living at, home during the lockdown period.

Studiopepe’s contribution to the project was titled Pink Moon, drawing inspiration from the visual appearance of the moon during the month of April, when that orb infuses nature with fresh life following the winter season. Each designer was paired with a craftsman at Benchmark, using technology to stay “connected” during the creative process.

Named after the blooming pink moss flowers, the Studio’s Pink Moon conveyed a hopeful message, delivering a resounding call to action and alluding to the new and exciting possibilities that could materialize in people’s lives.

Project Details
Pink Moon
Connected by Design
London Design Museum
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