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A collection comprising unique pieces that originate from a study of materials. As fragile as chalk and as hard as marble, it represents the union and juxtaposition of two different yet complementary elements.

The materials lead to an exploration of the relationship between the process of rediscovery and objects. These are the rediscovered forms – ready-made fragments – unearthed amidst a mass of debris that is both rough and shapeless.

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Objects – votive, sonorous, visual, tactile – conceived as artifacts retrieved from the future; as reassembled bodies meant to establish a new, enigmatic rapport with mankind. Regarding the objects within the collection, these focus primarily on white and its various shades, including the white exemplified by archaeological finds – white as a metaphor for a lost dimension, one associated with the symbolic.

“ These are somehow reminiscent of totems or, perhaps, apotropaic symbols, depending on one’s perspective, vantage point, and length of observation. They may look like votive offerings, oracular responses, or surreal compositions. (…) ”

— Silvana Annichiarico




“ (…) Each one has its own dual or hybrid nature, each encapsulating its exact opposite – its own negation. Otherwise, they would not be oxymorons. In the nature of the oxymoron – an essential and fundamental element – lies its coexistence with the “other.” This is what is meant by the term coincidentia oppositorum. Hard/soft. Fragile/solid. Regular/irregular. Discarded/recycled.”

— Silvana Annichiarico

The very first Oxymoron is a mirrored object, as mirrors represent the ultimate form of identification while concealing the imaginative nature of the ego.

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