Boon Room, Ritagli Collection vol. I

Unique pieces made from reclaimed slabs of precious onyx and marble, created in collaboration with Alimonti Milano, 2021.

The project Ritagli, a family of coffee and side tables crafted from marble scraps, originates from the exploration of the concept of randomness and the notions of fullness and emptiness. Randomness, the aesthetics of chance and the dadaist ready-made are the other elements investigated in this project. Dadaism’s rejection of rationality is provocative, and serves as a justification for breaking the rules of art and, in this case, design.

Boon Room, Ritagli, Paris, 2022

“ Ritagliare (to cut out) suggests the concept of emptiness. It is possible to have a pleasant experience of emptiness through artistic forms that display the emptiness from which it emerges, the space that distinguishes and characterizes it, rather than representing the object. ”

Project Details
Ritagli Collection vol. I
Boon Room
Flavio Pescatori, Studio Brinth
Milano - Paris - New York
2020 - 2023
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