Galerie Philia, Temenos collection

This debut collection created exclusively for Galerie Philia comprises eight limited-edition pieces, each paying homage to the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Tefnut, a coffee table with a gently recessed top, crafted from brown onyx slabs layered over two triangular prisms made of carbonized wood. Temu, a lamp with an iconographic forked shape. Geb and Nut, two hand-carved carbonized wood thrones, connoted by backs that reinterpret the male and female duality. Isis, a monolithic concrete chair, boasting a concave seat inspired by the revered Egyptian divine mother, traditionally depicted seated on a throne. Nefti, a candlestick reminiscent of a menhir. Seth and Sekhmet, vases inspired by canopic jars, crafted from columbine-worked ceramics, one of the oldest handiwork techniques known to mankind.

“ Drawing inspiration from the circular dimensions of ancient sacred monuments, such as Stonehenge and the Pantheon’s dome, they designed a majestic, temple-like, cylindrical structure symbolizing life, nature, and cosmic renewal (…) ”

“ The primitive forms of the objects stand in contrast with their exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated material palette: translucent onyx is paired with charred wood, terracotta, mirrored metal and white plaster. ”

“ In both everyday objects and those that respond to the human need for the transcendent, analogies can be found in even distant cultures.
They are based on a collective unconscious, and this is what designers and artists have always drawn on. ”

Project Details
Temenos collection
Galerie Philia
Flavio Pescatori, Giuseppe Dinnella
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Viale Abruzzi 20
20131 Milano
(+39) 02 36505993

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