Studiopepe, The Visit 2017

With this first Manifesto, conceived in 2018, the Studio intended not only to narrate a place but also a gesture, a ritual – specifically, la visita.

Central to The Visit was the concept of living the experience of entering a space that recounts the story of its inhabitants, through the careful, meticulous stratification of design visions, codes, and signs. Such a space was meant to be a “home” in the truest sense of the word. The intention behind the creative endeavor was to honor the original floor plan without being overly constrained by it. Several spaces were redesigned through the scenic use of curtains placed strategically between rooms.


The aim of The Visit was to convey a distinct Milanese atmosphere celebrated for marrying creativity with sophistication. Throughout, design research initiated conversations with the masters of the past, while some limited-edition pieces were created to showcase materials and surfaces in unconventional ways.

Doors and windows were integrated into the broader design of a wall drawing, one of the characteristic elements of the project. Rooms were made to interconnect in a continuous interplay of chromatic and patterned reverberations.

Project Details
The Visit 2017
Andrea Ferrari
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Viale Abruzzi 20
20131 Milano
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