Alimonti Milano, Showroom

Studiopepe rethinks the spaces of the Alimonti Showroom in Milano. A sequence of small rooms are conceived as a surprising place, full of brightness recreated through the use of warm material tones, natural lime for the walls and important stone bas-reliefs on the walls that tell of the brand’s craftsmanship.

The two “bassorilievi” are featured as wall décor, created using different techniques: a bas relief made of Limestone, and one made of different types of Travertine marble, expertly worked with different techniques and loosely inspired by the wall pieces of artist and designer Costantino Nivola.

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Exceptional exemplars of Italian Ceppo were chosen specifically for their chromatic qualities and for the spectacularity of their naturally occurring inclusions, contraposed with a pristine clear Limestone carved by hand from a bloc, in order to give giving them a highly sculptural quality.  The renovated spaces shows Solid Landscape, the new collectible design collection concieved by Studiopepe in dialogue with Alimonti. The resulting works are one-of-a-kind furnishings and objects which embody both sculpture and matter, crafted with avantgarde techniques, and presented exclusively in this installation. This project includes in addition, a noteworthy collaboration with, Apalazzo Gallery, featuring a photographic work By means of the sun by Andrea Ferrari, emphasizing Studiopepe’s dialogue between art and design.

As the sculptor did in the past times, in order to study the forms of the limestone elements , to keep the plasticity inspired by water-shaped rocks, Studiopepe devised special handmade terracotta models.

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Alimonti Milano
Giuseppe Dinnella
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Viale Abruzzi 20
20131 Milano
(+39) 02 36505993

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