Jaspal, Central World Flagship store

Jaspal inaugurates a new flagship store in Bangkok, designed by Studiopepe.

The Studio conceived the 460 mq store as a sophisticated and contemporary space, enlighted by a neutral materic environment. Metal touches, complemented with cement and glazed ceramics give to the space a vibrant accent. Textured surfaces cover soft and rounded shapes, while high glossy details enrich the space through hints of bright colors.

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Organic architecture and space age culture have been a major inspiration in the development of the project and the creative process. 1970s/1980s italian design has also influenced the geometries animating the floorplan, like the chunky and chamfered metal furniture, contributing to create a fresh new contemporary space. The overall colour palette presents neutral tones of beige, nude, green and shiny metal, alongside the terracotta and glazed warm white ceramics of the Home division. Concrete flooring with sparse grey and white aggregates create a homogeneous floor for all the areas.  Studiopepe combined architecture and design with an exploration with light and space relationship. This approach inspired the sensorial experience created by artificial lights and materials reflection. Subtle references to the work of Nanda Vigo, Gae Aulenti and the artist Paolo Scheggi can be read troughout the project as a point of reference. The formal study of their works played a key role in the concept process.

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Central World Flagship store
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