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This collection, comprising eight objects, is the result of a Studiopepe study on the relationship between form, light, and color, utilizing ceramics and cyanotype as the medium. Solo exhibition at: Ladies and Gentlement Milano, Matter Gallery NY, Numeroventi Firenze.

The collection of sculptures investigates the interplay between sunlight and the objects’ surfaces through the study of form.

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The photographic process behind the cyanotype renders visible this mutable, ever-changing relationship (the prefix “cyano”- is derived from the ancient Greek adjective “kýanos,” meaning dark blue). The color blue, in all of its shades and depending on multiple factors, becomes the direct outcome of this interaction. In other words, it narrates the story of how these objects were manufactured, even as their collective name Out of the blue refers both to their identity and uniqueness.

Ladies and Gentlement, Via Cesare Correnti 14, Milano, 2017
Matter Gallery, 405 Broome Street, NY, 2017
Numeroventi, Palazzo Galli Tassi, Firenze, 2021

Out of the Blue is an idiomatic expression that describes an unexpected event. In this phrase, the term “blue” refers to the sky from which something unexpected might “emerge” all of a sudden. On a literal interpretation, the idiom suggests that something “comes out of the blue,” and, in the context of this study, the color blue assumes its own physical shape, “coming forth” precisely “out of the blue.”

Intrinsically, the color blue traces the coordinates of these objects, namely, the duration of their exposure to sunlight after having been brushed with the cyanotype solution, not to mention the lighting conditions during a given timeframe.

“All of a sudden.
A passing fade.
Fickle. Flickering. Reacting.
Shadow-play. Lightning-speed.
Hide & seek.

— Angelo Flaccavento

Project Details
Out of the blue
Silvia Rivoltella/Daniele Civetta
Federica Ravera
Milano - NY - Firenze
2017 - 2021
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