Studiopepe, Club Unseen 2018

Contemporaneity and memory, sartorial craftsmanship and virtual reality, public and private – these antithetical realities organically overlapped in Club Unseen, the Manifesto conceived for Milan Design Week 2019.

The secret venue meandered through an arresting sequence of rooms that housed installations created in collaboration with companies epitomizing excellence in the realms of Italian and international design. On behalf of these brands, Studiopepe envisioned exclusive and bespoke projects presented here for the first time, alongside an original interpretation of historic pieces.

Club Unseen won the Jury Prize at the Frame Design Awards in 2019.

Club Unseen developed its narrative in a unique signature setting where various forms of social interaction, the authenticity of the individual experience, and the bond with the city were expressed through the design of an exclusive space intended for communal enjoyment/meant to be shared with others.

The focal point of the project was the bar, a performative space that turned the act of waiting into a performance. A wall of overlapping, backlit glass was cut longitudinally, concealing bodies and revealing hands – the tools of craftsmanship and handiwork.

Project Details
Club Unseen 2018
Andrea Ferrari, Marco Guastalla
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