Fondazione Pitti Discovery, Il Signor Nino

Hosted in the iconographic spaces of the Marino Marini Museum in Florence, Il Signor Nino is the first exhibition dedicated to the ideas and style of Nino Cerruti, a protagonist in the annals of Italian fashion.

Curated by Angelo Flaccavento, the project displays selected outfits from Mr. Cerruti’s personal wardrobe – an archive spanning over fifty years, from the late 1950s to the present day.

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Fluorescent red lines and a number of fluorescent geometric motifs pervade the space with their graphic style, interplaying with Marini’s sculptures and materializing a series of outfits that outline the portrait of a lively, non-anthological style. The display system is constructed by reproducing simple elements such as scaffolding tubes, here reassembled in a seemingly random fashion to create structures that rest on a mirror floor, a surface that “reflects” the exhibits, whether they be clothes or sculptures, thus disrupting and expanding – quite literally “multiplying” – the perception of space.

A construction site that serves as a metaphor for those individuals who build their persona daily through the act of dressing.

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Il Signor Nino
Fondazione Pitti Discovery
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