Tooy, Nastro Collection

A family of ceiling, wall, floor, and table lamps. The Nastro collection draws inspiration from an in-depth discovery of the moment when materials meet (or join) together, contrasting the pureness of metals, and the instant moment of union.


The Nastro family sees colored aluminum band structure accompanied by a cylindric weight that counterbalances its flexuosity, in a refined visual balance.

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The light source consists of a dimmable LED strip; the cylinders are available in colored metal, wood, brushed brass, and concrete. The lamps perform their practical function, defining the space in a silent and poetic way. In the collection we designed for TOOY, we wanted to combine a flexible and supple element like a ribbon (Nastro in Italian) with a more stable and fixed element like a precious weight, and declined in a new palette of materials and colours.

“Lightness vs weight, mobility vs stability, light vs shadow, the Nastro project was created to give body and light to these concepts.”

Nastro 563.62
Nastro 563.47
Nastro 563.22
Nastro 563.11
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Nastro Collection
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