cc-tapis, Hello Sonia! Rhapsody

A collection of rugs and wallhangings that have been freely inspired by the compositions of Sonia Delaunay. The combination of graphics, geometry and color give life to a seemingly random pattern that, through different methods and inserts of fringes and brass, creates a language inspired by the twenties.


Geometric elements, evoking the avant-garde textiles of the early 1900s, a theme which runs through the whole Hello Sonia! Family, are now arranged harmoniously in a musical score made up of pauses, solos, semitones and counterpoints, the punctuation of sheet music.

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A musical language which gives life to the new patterns of the Hello Sonia Rhapsody. 

A collection of rugs where geometric figures, repeated lines, solids, and voids are captured by expert artisans who translate the rhythm of a musical composition on the surface of a rug. 
Starting from natural undyed wool, slight notes of color enter the subtle background of each rug, forming a harmonious relationship like musical notes playing together in rhythm and melody.

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Hello Sonia! Rhapsody
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